Tuesday, October 10, 2017

We're off and running in music!

Mark your calendars! Concert dates are set! 
(Dates can also be found on the right side of this page under important dates.)

JFK 3rd Grade Chorus Concerts
Friday, January 12 9:00 (snow date: January 19)
Friday, June 8 9:00

JFK 4th Grade Chorus and Recorder Concerts:
Friday, January 12 9:45 (snow date: January 19)
Friday, June 8 9:45

JFK 5th Grade Chorus, Ukulele and Recorder Concert:
Wednesday, March 14 9:00 (snow date: March 21)
Proud to be an American Show TBD by classroom teachers

Parmenter 5th Grade Chorus and Recorder Concerts:

Tuesday, January 9 9:00 (snow date: January 16)

Tuesday, June 12 9:00

September Celebrity Singers!

JFK 4th Grade
JFK 5th Grade
JFK 3rd Grade
Parmenter 5th

September Musician, Culture and Composer of the Month!
1st Grade Musician
Ray Charles 
Birthday: September 23, 1930

"Hit the Road Jack"

2nd Grade Culture
(BB King, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, American Folk Songs, etc!)

"Jailhouse Rock"

3rd Grade Composer
Gustav Holst
Birthday: September 21, 1874

"Mars" from the Planets Suite

What's Been Happening in Music?
Students in 4th grade played rhythms in duple meter along with popular songs from the radio to demonstrate their reading skills!

 Students from Randolph MA's MUSIC Dance.edu came and taught K-2 about the history of Hip Hop and R&B! Special thanks to the Franklin Cultural Council for funding this! (I wasn't able to be at the Parmenter performance so I don't have pictures but I was told fun was had by all!)

Students in 2nd grade learned how to create their own short repeating rhythm aka. ostinato to accompany "Old Dan Tucker" with instruments.

Mrs. Vaudrain's class has been coming once a week and playing many instruments! This week they chose the recorders! 

I'm loving this new batch of 3rd grade chorus students! Here they are demonstrating how to and not to stand in chorus. In other words, they are learning about singing posture!

Much better!:)

Stay tuned for more classes, grades, pictures and videos next month!

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Finally! Join us for some Beatlemania! Details below!

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