Monday, February 11, 2019

Franklin 5th graders sing at the Providence Bruins game!

Thank you to the Oak St, JFK and Parmenter PCC for organizing a fun night for the 5th graders and K-5 families! We had about 85 students perform! Students received rally towels, T-shirts, hats, popcorn and a drink but most importantly an unforgettable experience! Thank you again!

Providence Bruins February 4, 2019
Entrance onto the ice...
View from the ice...
5th graders performing "God Bless America"

Friday, February 1, 2019

January Music!

January Celebrity Singers in Chorus!

JFK 3rd Grade

JFK 4th Grade

 JFK 5th Grade

 Parmenter 3rd Grade

January Musician, Culture, and Composer of the Month!

1st Grade Musician: Alicia Keys 
*Look for her hosting the Grammy Awards in February!

2nd Grade Culture: China
*We compared the Chinese Lion Dance to the Dragon dance and then created a dance of our own!

3rd Grade Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
*Students loved seeing a modern day Mozart!

Other snapshots of Music in January!
Below are pictures and videos of different activities and concepts we explored in music. I plan to feature every class that I teach at JFK and Parmenter by the end of the year. Stay tuned!
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3rd Grade

At Parmenter, third grade was able to compose their Planet compositions in their winter concert. At JFK we were not able to perform them so please enjoy our video recordings! These were inspired by the famous Gustav Holst and his "Planet Suite". Students created the rhythm, melody, instrumentation, form and so on. This was quite the project! Enjoy!

Mrs. Henneberry's Planet of Thunder

Mrs. Schreiber's Planet of Nature

Mrs. Lussier's Planet of Video Games

Here is another 2nd and 3rd grade activity, "Early in the Morning" that reinforces duple meter and improvisation.

4th Grade
Students are still working diligently at growing as recorder players. I spent a lot of time in term 1 not only building good recorder playing habits but also good recorder practice habits. Students are being taught how to learn a piece without my help by first clapping and saying the rhythm, then clapping and saying the notes, then adding fingerings and finally playing the song.

Recorder Karate has begun! Please help encourage your children to practice 5 times a day for 10 minutes. It will build their confidence and help them feel success!

Mrs. Merten's Hot Cross Buns

5th Grade

Here fifth graders are trying to master the chorus of Three Little Birds so they can play for me and I can assess their playing the F and C chords. Students should also be practicing 5 times a week for 10 minutes as we prepare songs for their concerts! 

Congratulations to the 3rd graders at Parmenter and the 3rd and 4th graders at JFK for wonderful concerts! I was very proud but most importantly I hope the students were proud of their work! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get many videos but here is a highlight thanks to Mrs. Merten! And here is a warm up 4th grade did this week. They were very excited to perform this round in 4 parts!