Sunday, March 18, 2018

February and March Music!

Introducing Drew Robert MacMurray! Born March 11, 2018 (4 weeks early!) 4 lbs 12 oz. He is little but healthy! Already so loved by his big brother and sister. Looking forward to bringing him in later in the year to meet everyone!

February Celebrity Singers in Chorus!
JFK 4th
JFK 3rd
JFK 5th

Parmenter 5th

February and March Musician, Culture, and Composer of the Month!
1st Grade Musician: Insooni/Bobby McFerrin (March)
Korean singer featured at the 2018 Winter Olympics!

The king of improvising, here he is improvising a jig with his audience!

2nd Grade Culture: India/Ireland (March)
Kids loved this song that many adults might recognize from the film "Slumdog Millionaire".

I thought kids might enjoy hearing pop singer Ed Sheeran singing a famous traditional Irish song, "The Parting Glass".

3rd Grade Composer: John Williams/Johann Sebastian Bach (March)
John Williams conducting the theme to Star Wars!

Bach was one of the world's greatest composers! Did you know he could also play a mean organ? Here is an organist, Hans-AndrĂ© Stamm, playing Bach's Toccata et Fugue.

Other snapshots of Music in February and March!

Below are pictures and videos of different activities and concepts we explored in music. I plan to feature every class that I teach at JFK and Parmenter by the end of the year.  Even if you don't see your child's class, you can still learn what they're doing in class by watching another class' video!

K Mrs. Bigos' Class - Valentine's Day rap

3rd Grade Mrs. Lussier's Class creating and reading rhythms in triple meter along to "Hedwig's Theme" from Harry Potter.

1st Grade Mrs. Zarella's Class - "The Sled"

4th Grade - Mrs. E. Williams' Class "Who Has Seen the Wind"

4th Grade - Mrs. Merten's Class - "Who Has Seen the Wind"

2nd Grade - Mrs. Henault's Class - "Ahg-Doom Bahg-Doom" Traditional Indian Children's Song

JFK 4th Grade Chorus- "Believer" sneak peek!

JFK 5th Grade Concert: Save the Date!
Wednesday, March 21st 9 AM
*I'm so disappointed to miss this concert. The kids have worked so hard all year to show you everything they have learned in chorus and in general music with the recorder and ukulele. I know you will be so impressed. Special thank you to Allison Fuller, my good friend and colleague. She teaches K-5 general music and chorus at Parmenter with me and at Oak Street. The kids are in good hands!

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